Saxonica: Technical support

Saxon technical support

Public forums

If you need help using XSLT, XQuery, XPath, or XSD, and the question isn't specific to the Saxon product, we suggest you ask first on a public forum: we have listed some in the Public Resources section below.

Saxon forum & bug tracker

If the question is specific to Saxon (whether the commercial or open-source version) please use either the bug tracker or the discussion forum in the appropriate section of the Saxonica community site (a Redmine database).


Registered users of the commercial Saxon editions are given an email address to use for support enquiries, in case you want to keep the discussion confidential: but it's easier for us to keep track if you use the public database, and it benefits other users who can share your experience.

Mailing list

There is also a mailing list saxon-help on the SourceForge site. It's active, and we follow it, but it's a bit harder to manage issues to completion if you raise it there. On the other hand, it's probably the best place to ask if you want to reach out to other Saxon users.

Public Resources

A good general resource for all programming problems is Stack Overflow. There is a tag Saxon for Saxon-related questions on this site, and we try to keep an eye on it, but it is primarily a way of getting help from other Saxon users, not from Saxonica.

For more specialist questions, or deeper discussions on the XSLT language, a good place to meet the experts is Mulberry Technologies' XSL list.

For XQuery issues both the mailing list and Stack Overflow are particularly helpful.

Archived queries and advice on all these topics can be found at MarkMail, which has a very good search facility.

Bug fixes and maintenance releases

If you find a bug we will usually fix it on the current major release branch; in a few cases if it's serious enough we might also fix it on the previous major release branch. Maintenance releases are typically issued every couple of months, but it depends on the number and severity of bugs that need to be cleared. To use a maintenance release of one of the commercial products, you will need a license key that has not expired; we normally issue license keys that give access to maintenance releases for one year from the date of purchase.