Saxonica: Our products

Our Products

The Saxon product implements:

  • Four W3C-defined languages for processing XML (all up to date with the latest specifications):
    • XSLT 3.0 for transformations
    • XQuery 3.1 for queries
    • XSD 1.1 for document validation
    • XPath 3.1 for navigation within documents
  • In three editions, each offering different levels of functionality:
    • Home Edition (HE) - open source, free of charge
    • Professional Edition (PE) - with extra features for serious users
    • Enterprise Edition (EE) - with optimizations for high throughput and productivity
  • On four technology platforms:
    • Java, with language bindings to other JVM-based languages such as Scala
    • .NET, with language bindings to .NET-based languages such as C# and Visual Basic
    • Native, with language bindings to C, C++, PHP, and Python
    • JavaScript, running in all modern browsers and (soon) on Node.js

Product features

The main features offered by each of the Saxon products are outlined below (as in the current release, Saxon 10). See the Feature Matrix for full details and to compare the different products, and Saxon Architecture for a diagrammatic overview of Saxon's main components and dataflows. (Full Saxon 10 product descriptions will be added in due course.)


Home Edition: open-source entry-level product (available from SourceForge and Maven). Provides implementations of XSLT 3.0, XQuery 3.1, and XPath 3.1 at the basic level of conformance defined by W3C.


Professional Edition: adds a number of features to Saxon-HE, including optional features in XSLT 3.0, support for Saxon extensions, extensibility mechanisms, and optional features in XQuery 3.1; integration with the ICU-J library to provide localization for different languages; and support for external object models (such as JDOM2, XOM, DOM4J, AXIOM).


Enterprise Edition: the fully-featured product. Fully conformant XSD 1.0 and XSD 1.1 schema processor, with support for schema-aware XSLT and XQuery processing. Many other features including streaming in XSLT and XQuery, XSLT packages, support for XQuery updates, an advanced query optimizer, compilation of XQuery and XSLT code to Java bytecode, and much more.

Saxon Enterprise Edition is available in four licensing packages, the difference being the extent to which the processor is Schema Aware. Here, "SA" means Schema Aware, and "basic" means not Schema Aware:


Validation package: Schema validation, XPath (SA); XSLT (basic only), and XQuery (basic only)


Transformation package: Schema validation, XPath (SA), XSLT (SA); XQuery (basic only)


Query package: Schema validation, XPath (SA), XQuery (SA); XSLT (basic only)


Enterprise Edition: The full product. Schema Validation, XPath, XSLT and XQuery, all Schema Aware


JavaScript run time - allows in-browser execution of XSLT 3.0 stylesheets prepared using Saxon-EE on the server. Runs as a JavaScript application in the browser; the processor has extensions for user-interaction, JavaScript interoperability and HTML DOM read/write.

XML technologies

For an introduction to XML, and XML technologies, see Technology.

Technology platforms

Saxon-HE, Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE are available for: Java, .NET and C/C++, PHP and Python. For further details see Platforms.

Saxon-JS is the Saxon product for JavaScript.