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Licenses for the Enterprise Edition (Saxon-EE) and Professional Edition (Saxon-PE) can be purchased by credit card from our secure online store.

These licenses are perpetual, so do not expire. Standard license keys allow access to support and software upgrades for one year from the purchase date.

Buy Saxon licenses from our online store.

For details of how to upgrade an existing license (allowing use of newer product versions) please see Upgrades.

For full details of our licensing terms, see Licenses.

For product prices, visit the online store.

Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax will be added to your order if your location (inferred from your IP address and billing address) is in the European Union, including the UK.

If you are a business registered for VAT in an EU country other than the UK, you have the opportunity to enter your VAT number during the checkout process. If you enter a valid VAT number, VAT will not be added to the price.

The EU changed the rules for tax on digital goods with effect from 1 January 2015.

Region VAT registered not registered for VAT
UK 20% VAT charged 20% VAT charged
EU 0% VAT charged National VAT rate charged
Other 0% VAT charged 0% VAT charged

This system relies on information about your location. This information comes from your IP address and your billing address. If these do not agree, we may be obliged to make further enquiries. This is true whether or not you are in the European Union, since non-EU customers must be identified as such. We are also obliged to retain these records for ten years.

Note that the new rules cover automated transactions only. Our understanding is that they therefore apply to purchases through the online shop, but not to purchase orders sent by email (or otherwise), even though the software and license key are delivered electronically.

Purchase Orders

Saxonica also accepts purchase orders from corporate clients. For information about site licenses, redistribution licenses, or any other special requirements, please contact Saxonica Orders directly.

We can provide a quotation in US Dollars or Euros as well as UK sterling, and for clients in good standing we will invoice on 30-day payment terms. We do however impose an administrative charge for orders under £500 made through this route.

Online payment

Secured by Sage Pay

All payments are routed securely via the SagePay payment gateway (Saxonica never sees or retains your credit card details).

We accept Visa (credit, debit, and Electron cards), Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, and PayPal.