Bugs and patches

If you hit something that looks like a bug, please check the known errors on the Saxonica community site saxonica.plan.io.

You're welcome to submit attachments, but please remember that anything you post here will be available to all users. If you submit a repro, please don't include the Saxon JAR file. And never include your license file!

Commercial users are provided with an email address that allows bug reports to be sent to Saxonica privately if preferred.

The open source Java code of SaxonJ-HE is maintained in a GIT repository. (Follow the link, and click the button "How to connect?" for instructions.) This repository exists solely to provide early access to source patches; it is not used to deliver incremental releases of new functionality. Building the JAR files is reasonably easy for an experienced Java programmer; a gradle script is provided to assist with this, but may require customization to local requirements (for example, deleting the parts concerned only with SaxonJ-EE or SaxonCS). Building the SaxonCS product requires proprietary Saxonica tooling.

If you wish to contribute modifications to the open source code, you will need to be prepared to sign a contributor agreement defining the terms under which the code is made available. This may need the written agreement of your employer. You should also check with Saxonica in advance to discuss the format of test material to be submitted along with code changes; proposed contributions have often been rejected because they came without adequate tests.