Related products

This section lists some Saxon add-ons and extensions produced by third parties. Saxonica Limited takes no responsibility for the quality of these products.

Open source tools

You can experiment with evaluation of XSLT stylesheets under Saxon (and other XSLT processors) at

XSpec is an open-source framework for running XSLT and XQuery unit tests, including features like performance profiling and code coverage. It has an active developer and user community, and works with both open-source and commercial Saxon editions. provides implementations of callbacks (EntityResolver, URIResolver, XmlResolver etc) on both Java and C#, that enable resources identified by URI to be retrieved from a local cache, by reference to a resource catalog. The library can be used with Saxon on both the Java and C# platforms. The lead developer, Norm Tovey-Walsh, is now with Saxonica, and Saxonica supports his continued involvement in the project.

Schematron is a language for specifying assertions about XML documents; it has a wide range of uses both in conjunction with, and as an alternative to, the XSD schema specification. Both the original implementation by Rick Jelliffe, and the more recent implementation by David Maus (SchXslt), rely heavily on Saxon "under the hood".

Commercial editors and debuggers

A number of commercial XML IDEs provide support for XML, XSLT, and/or XQuery editing and debugging, with the ability to configure Saxon as the chosen XSLT/XQuery processor. These include:

XQuery documentation

xqDoc is a Javadoc-like documentation tool for XQuery. It works with Saxon, and is available either as a free-standing tool from or as part of Stylus Studio.