Lists and forums for getting help

If you have a general question about XSLT, XPath, XQuery or XSD coding, that is not specifically related to Saxon, we recommend asking on StackOverflow. There are suitable tags for categorizing your question, and there is a helpful community of users prepared to provide answers.

You can also use StackOverflow to ask Saxon-specific questions (using the saxon tag); Saxonica keeps an eye on such questions and tries to ensure that they are properly answered, but a question posted here should not be treated as a formal request for Saxonica assistance. Many of the answers here come from other users rather than from Saxonica, and Saxonica cannot take responsibility for their accuracy.

For many years the xsl-list at MulberryTech served the same purpose: these days it is probably more useful for deeper questions about the design principles of the various languages, which often lead to interesting discussion among the experts.

There used to be a similar help forum for XQuery: talk at However, it has become largely dormant, and StackOverflow is probably a better bet.

The preferred place for Saxon-specific questions and bug reports is the bug database and forum on the Saxonica community site at This is also where you can search for details of known bugs. Saxonica monitors these forums and tries to manage issues through to closure (though without any contractual commitment or guarantees).

Unless otherwise stated, any code snippets that are published on a public forum in the course of a request for technical support are considered to be implicitly licensed for use in Saxonica's test suite, or where relevant for inclusion in the product itself, for release under the Mozilla Public License.