Class UntypedAtomicValue

  extended by net.sf.saxon.value.Value
      extended by net.sf.saxon.value.AtomicValue
          extended by net.sf.saxon.value.StringValue
              extended by net.sf.saxon.value.UntypedAtomicValue
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, PullEvent, SequenceIterable, GroundedValue, Item, ValueRepresentation, ConversionResult

public class UntypedAtomicValue
extends StringValue

An Untyped Atomic value. This inherits from StringValue for implementation convenience, even though an untypedAtomic value is not a String in the data model type hierarchy.

See Also:
Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
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Field Summary
static UntypedAtomicValue ZERO_LENGTH_UNTYPED
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Constructor Summary
UntypedAtomicValue(CharSequence value)
Method Summary
 int compareTo(AtomicValue other, StringCollator collator, XPathContext context)
          Compare an untypedAtomic value with another value, using a given collator to perform any string comparisons.
 ConversionResult convertPrimitive(BuiltInAtomicType requiredType, boolean validate, ConversionRules rules)
          Convert a value to another primitive data type, with control over how validation is handled.
 AtomicValue copyAsSubType(AtomicType typeLabel)
          Create a copy of this atomic value, with a different type label
 BuiltInAtomicType getPrimitiveType()
          Determine the primitive type of the value.
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Field Detail


public static final UntypedAtomicValue ZERO_LENGTH_UNTYPED
Constructor Detail


public UntypedAtomicValue(CharSequence value)

value - the String value. Null is taken as equivalent to "".
Method Detail


public AtomicValue copyAsSubType(AtomicType typeLabel)
Create a copy of this atomic value, with a different type label

copyAsSubType in class StringValue
typeLabel - the type label of the new copy. The caller is responsible for checking that the value actually conforms to this type.
the copied value


public BuiltInAtomicType getPrimitiveType()
Determine the primitive type of the value. This delivers the same answer as getItemType().getPrimitiveItemType(). The primitive types are the 19 primitive types of XML Schema, plus xs:integer, xs:dayTimeDuration and xs:yearMonthDuration, and xs:untypedAtomic. For external objects, the result is AnyAtomicType.

getPrimitiveType in class StringValue
the primitive type


public ConversionResult convertPrimitive(BuiltInAtomicType requiredType,
                                         boolean validate,
                                         ConversionRules rules)
Convert a value to another primitive data type, with control over how validation is handled.

convertPrimitive in class StringValue
requiredType - type code of the required atomic type. This must not be a namespace-sensitive type.
validate - true if validation is required. If set to false, the caller guarantees that the value is valid for the target data type, and that further validation is therefore not required. Note that a validation failure may be reported even if validation was not requested.
rules -
the result of the conversion, if successful. If unsuccessful, the value returned will be a ValidationErrorValue. The caller must check for this condition. No exception is thrown, instead the exception will be encapsulated within the ErrorValue.


public int compareTo(AtomicValue other,
                     StringCollator collator,
                     XPathContext context)
Compare an untypedAtomic value with another value, using a given collator to perform any string comparisons. This works by converting the untypedAtomic value to the type of the other operand, which is the correct behavior for operators like "=" and "!=", but not for "eq" and "ne": in the latter case, the untypedAtomic value is converted to a string and this method is therefore not used.

-1 if the this value is less than the other, 0 if they are equal, +1 if this value is greater.
ClassCastException - if the value cannot be cast to the type of the other operand

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