Interface GroundedValue

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AnyURIValue, AtomicValue, Base64BinaryValue, BigIntegerValue, BooleanValue, CalendarValue, DateTimeValue, DateValue, DayTimeDurationValue, DecimalValue, DoubleValue, DurationValue, EmptySequence, FloatValue, GDateValue, GDayValue, GMonthDayValue, GMonthValue, GYearMonthValue, GYearValue, HexBinaryValue, Int64Value, IntegerRange, IntegerValue, NotationValue, NumericValue, ObjectValue, PrecisionDecimalValue, QNameValue, QualifiedNameValue, SequenceExtent, SingletonItem, StringValue, TimeValue, UntypedAtomicValue, YearMonthDurationValue

public interface GroundedValue
extends ValueRepresentation

A value that exists in memory and that can be directly addressed

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 Item itemAt(int n)
          Get the n'th item in the value, counting from 0
 GroundedValue subsequence(int start, int length)
          Get a subsequence of the value
Methods inherited from interface
getStringValue, getStringValueCS

Method Detail


Item itemAt(int n)
Get the n'th item in the value, counting from 0

n - the index of the required item, with 0 representing the first item in the sequence
the n'th item if it exists, or null otherwise


GroundedValue subsequence(int start,
                          int length)
Get a subsequence of the value

start - the index of the first item to be included in the result, counting from zero. A negative value is taken as zero. If the value is beyond the end of the sequence, an empty sequence is returned
length - the number of items to be included in the result. Specify Integer.MAX_VALUE to get the subsequence up to the end of the base sequence. If the value is negative, an empty sequence is returned. If the value goes off the end of the sequence, the result returns items up to the end of the sequence
the required subsequence. If min is

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