This package defines the interface to the Saxon tree structure.


Interface Summary
AttributeCollection AttributeCollection represents the collection of attributes available on a particular element node.
DocumentInfo This interface represents a document node as defined in the XPath 2.0 data model.
FingerprintedNode This is a marker interface used to identify nodes that contain a namepool fingerprint.
FunctionItem XQuery 1.1 introduces a third kind of item, beyond nodes and atomic values: the function item.
GroundedValue A value that exists in memory and that can be directly addressed
Item An Item is an object that can occur as a member of a sequence.
MutableDocumentInfo Interface representing the document node of a mutable document
MutableNodeInfo An extension of the NodeInfo interface defining a node that can be updated.
NamespaceDeclarations This interface represents a collection of namespace declarations or undeclarations, typically those appearing together in an element start tag.
NamespaceResolver Abstract class that supports lookup of a lexical QName to get the expanded QName.
NodeInfo The NodeInfo interface represents a node in Saxon's implementation of the XPath 2.0 data model.
NotationSet A set of declared notations (in the sense of XSD xs:notation)
SequenceIterator A SequenceIterator is used to iterate over any XPath 2 sequence (of values or nodes).
ValueRepresentation A ValueRepresentation is a representation of a Value.

Class Summary
Axis An axis, that is a direction of navigation in the document structure.
CopyOptions Non-instantiable class to define options for the NodeInfo.copy(net.sf.saxon.event.Receiver, int, int) method
DocumentPool An object representing the collection of documents handled during a single transformation.
DocumentURI This class encapsulates a string used as the value of the document-uri() property of a document, together with a normalized representation of the string used for equality comparisons.
EmptyNamespaceDeclarationList A class representing an empty set of namespace declarations
InscopeNamespaceResolver A NamespaceResolver that resolves namespace prefixes by reference to a node in a document for which those namespaces are in-scope.
Name10Checker The class checks names and characters against the rules of the XML 1.0 and XML Namespaces 1.0 specification
Name11Checker The class checks names against the rules of the XML 1.1 and XML Namespaces 1.1 specification
NameChecker A NameChecker performs validation and analysis of XML names.
NamePool A NamePool holds a collection of expanded names, each containing a namespace URI, a namespace prefix, and a local name; plus a collection of namespaces, each consisting of a prefix/URI pair.
StandardNames Well-known names used in XSLT processing.
StructuredQName This class provides an economical representation of a QName triple (prefix, URI, and localname).
TreeModel A TreeModel represents an implementation of the Saxon NodeInfo interface, which itself is essentially an implementation of the XDM model defined in W3C specifications (except that Saxon's NodeInfo understands the 13 XPath axes, rather than merely supporting parent and child properties).

Exception Summary
NamePool.NamePoolLimitException Uncaught Exception raised when some limit in the design of the name pool is exceeded
NamespaceException A NamespaceException represents an error condition whereby a QName (for example a variable name or template name) uses a namespace prefix that is not declared
QNameException A QNameException represents an error condition whereby a QName (for example a variable name or template name) is malformed

Package Description

This package defines the interface to the Saxon tree structure. This structure is used to represent both the source document and the stylesheet. Essentially, this class represents Saxon's realization of the XPath data model.

The classes in the package are rather a miscellany. What they have in common is that they describe the way the Saxon tree structure is accessed, in a way that it independent of the two tree implementations (in packages net.sf.saxon.tree and net.sf.saxon.tinytree).

Broadly speaking, the classes fall into four categories:

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9 February 2005

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