Interface NamespaceResolver

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbsentExtensionElement, AnnotationParent, ConfigurationReader, ConstraintChecker, DataElement, DedicatedStaticContext, DummyNamespaceResolver, ElementImpl, ExtensionInstruction, IDFilter, IndependentContext, InscopeNamespaceResolver, JAXPXPathStaticContext, LiteralResultElement, NamespaceContextImpl, NamespaceMaintainer, NamespaceReducer, NamespaceResolverWithDefault, PullNamespaceReducer, SavedNamespaceContext, SaxonAssign, SaxonCallTemplate, SaxonCollation, SaxonDoctype, SaxonEntityRef, SaxonImportQuery, SaxonParam, SaxonPreprocess, SaxonWhile, SchemaElement, SchemaElement.XPathStaticContext, SQLClose, SQLColumn, SQLConnect, SQLDelete, SQLExecute, SQLInsert, SQLQuery, SQLUpdate, StartTagBuffer, StartTagBufferEE, StyleElement, UnknownElement, WatchManager, XSDAlternative, XSDAnnotation, XSDAny, XSDAnyAttribute, XSDAssert, XSDAttribute, XSDAttributeGroup, XSDComplexContent, XSDComplexContentRestriction, XSDComplexType, XSDCompositor, XSDDefaultOpenContent, XSDDocumentation, XSDElement, XSDExtension, XSDFacet, XSDFieldOrSelector, XSDGroup, XSDIdentityConstraint, XSDImport, XSDInclude, XSDList, XSDNotation, XSDOpenContent, XSDOverride, XSDRedefine, XSDSchema, XSDSimpleContent, XSDSimpleContentRestriction, XSDSimpleType, XSDSimpleTypeRestriction, XSDUnion, XSLAnalyzeString, XSLApplyImports, XSLApplyTemplates, XSLAttribute, XSLAttributeSet, XSLBreak, XSLBreakOrContinue, XSLCallTemplate, XSLCatch, XSLCharacterMap, XSLChoose, XSLComment, XSLCopy, XSLCopyOf, XSLDecimalFormat, XSLDocument, XSLElement, XSLEvaluate, XSLFallback, XSLForEach, XSLForEachGroup, XSLFork, XSLFunction, XSLGeneralIncorporate, XSLGeneralVariable, XSLIf, XSLImport, XSLImportSchema, XSLInclude, XSLIterate, XSLKey, XSLLeafNodeConstructor, XSLMatchingSubstring, XSLMessage, XSLMode, XSLNamespace, XSLNamespaceAlias, XSLNextIteration, XSLNextMatch, XSLNumber, XSLOnCompletion, XSLOtherwise, XSLOutput, XSLOutputCharacter, XSLParam, XSLPerformSort, XSLPreserveSpace, XSLProcessingInstruction, XSLResultDocument, XSLSequence, XSLSort, XSLStylesheet, XSLTemplate, XSLText, XSLTry, XSLValueOf, XSLVariable, XSLVariableDeclaration, XSLWhen, XSLWithParam

public interface NamespaceResolver

Abstract class that supports lookup of a lexical QName to get the expanded QName.

Method Summary
 String getURIForPrefix(String prefix, boolean useDefault)
          Get the namespace URI corresponding to a given prefix.
 Iterator<String> iteratePrefixes()
          Get an iterator over all the prefixes declared in this namespace context.

Method Detail


String getURIForPrefix(String prefix,
                       boolean useDefault)
Get the namespace URI corresponding to a given prefix. Return null if the prefix is not in scope.

prefix - the namespace prefix. May be the zero-length string, indicating that there is no prefix. This indicates either the default namespace or the null namespace, depending on the value of useDefault.
useDefault - true if the default namespace is to be used when the prefix is "". If false, the method returns "" when the prefix is "".
the uri for the namespace, or null if the prefix is not in scope. The "null namespace" is represented by the pseudo-URI "".


Iterator<String> iteratePrefixes()
Get an iterator over all the prefixes declared in this namespace context. This will include the default namespace (prefix="") and the XML namespace where appropriate

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