Interface StringCollator

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
SubstringMatcher, SubstringMatcher
All Known Implementing Classes:
AlphanumericCollator, CodepointCollator, LowercaseFirstCollator, NamedCollation, RuleBasedSubstringMatcher, UppercaseFirstCollator

public interface StringCollator
extends Serializable

This interface represents a "collation" as defined in XPath, that is, a set of rules for comparing strings

Method Summary
 boolean comparesEqual(String s1, String s2)
          Compare two strings for equality.
 int compareStrings(String o1, String o2)
          Compare two strings
 Object getCollationKey(String s)
          Get a collation key for a String.

Method Detail


int compareStrings(String o1,
                   String o2)
Compare two strings

o1 - the first string
o2 - the second string
0 if the strings are considered equal, a negative integer if the first string is less than the second, a positive integer if the first string is greater than the second


boolean comparesEqual(String s1,
                      String s2)
Compare two strings for equality. This may be more efficient than using compareStrings and testing whether the result is zero, but it must give the same result

s1 - the first string
s2 - the second string
true if and only if the strings are considered equal,


Object getCollationKey(String s)
Get a collation key for a String. The essential property of collation keys is that if (and only if) two strings are equal under the collation, then comparing the collation keys using the equals() method must return true.

s - the string whose collation key is required
the collation key

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