Package com.saxonica.schema

This package contains classes used to represent the information in a schema, that is, the schema components.


Interface Summary
ComponentReference A reference to a schema component.
SerializableSchemaComponent A component that can be serialized by the SchemaSerializer.
Term Represents a Term in a content model as defined by XML Schema.
UserSchemaComponent A SchemaComponent is an object in a schema.

Class Summary
AllModelGroup An AllModelGroup represents an xs:all element in the schema
Assertion An Assertion schema component (See XML Schema 1.1 Part 1 Working Draft)
AssertionFacet Represents an assertion facet on a schema-defined simple type.
AttributeDecl An XML Schema Attribute Declaration.
AttributeGroupDecl An XML Schema Attribute Group Declaration.
AttributeGroupReference An XML Schema Attribute Group Reference, corresponding to an xs:attributeGroup element with a 'ref' attribute.
AttributeUse An XML Schema Attribute Use: that is, a reference to an attribute declaration from within a complex type or attribute group.
AttributeWildcard This class represents an xs:anyAttribute element in the schema.
ChoiceModelGroup A ChoiceCompositor represents an xs:choice element in the schema
ContentType Corresponds to a Content Type Property Record as defined in the XML Schema 1.1 specification
DigitsFacet Represents either of the facets totalDigits or fractionDigits
ElementDecl The object represents an element declaration in the schema.
ElementParticle A reference to an element declaration within the content model of a complex type.
ElementWildcard This class represents an element in the schema.
EnumerationFacet Represents a single enumeration facet defined on a simple type.
EnumerationFacetSet Represents the set of enumeration values defined on a single simple type, This is a "virtual" facet that combines all the enumeration facets in one simple type definition.
ExplicitTimezoneFacet Represents an explicitTimezone facet on a schema-defined simple type derived from date, time, dateTime, gYear, gYearMonth, gMonth, gMonthDay, or gDay
Facet Represents an XML Schema Facet.
IdentityConstraint The base class for the XML Schema Identity Constraints (key, keyref, unique).
IdentityConstraintReference A reference to an identity constraint
IdentityField The field selector for an IdentityConstraint
IdentitySelector The selector of an IdentityConstraint
Key A class that represents the XML Schema Identity Constraint: Key.
KeyRef This class represents an xs:keyRef identity constraint in a schema
LengthFacet Represents the length facet
LengthRangeFacet Abstract class for the three facets length, minLength, and maxLength.
MaxExclusiveFacet Implements the maxExclusive facet on a simple type
MaxInclusiveFacet Implements the maxInclusive facet on a simple type
MaxLengthFacet Represents the minLength facet
MaxScaleFacet Represents the maxScale facet
MinExclusiveFacet Implements the minExclusive facet on a simple type
MinInclusiveFacet Implements the minInclusive facet on a simple type
MinLengthFacet Represents the minLength facet
MinScaleFacet Represents the minLength facet
ModelGroup An XML Schema Model Group.
ModelGroupDefinition A Model Group Definition: a schema component corresponding to a top-level (named) xs:group element in a schema document.
ModelGroupParticle A reference within the content model of a complex type to a Model Group Definition.
Notation A Notation Declaration Schema Component
Particle Represents a Particle as defined by XML Schema.
PatternFacet Represents a pattern facet on a schema-defined simple type
PreparedSchema A schema is a collection of schema components.
PreprocessFacet Represents the preprocess facet on a schema-defined simple type.
ScaleFacet Represents either of the facets minScale or maxScale
SchemaCompiler A SchemaCompiler is capable of reading source schema documents and converting them into collections of schema components.
SchemaModelLoader This class allows a schema model that was serialized using the SchemaModelSerializer to be loaded into memory.
SchemaModelSerializer This class provides services enabling a compiled schema to be serialized to disk
SchemaStructure The base class for all XML Schema stuctures.
SequenceModelGroup A SequenceCompositor represents an xs:sequence element in the schema
SimpleComponentReference A reference to a named schema group within the content model of a complex type
SingleNamespaceSchema A schema (collection of schema components) that has an identifiable target namespace: typically the set of components derived from a single import or include.
SymbolSpace This class holds constants used to identify the various symbol spaces defined in XML Schema: element declarations, attribute declarations, types, groups, and so on.
TotalDigitsFacet Eepresents the value of the totalDigits facet
TypeAlternative A TypeAlternative schema component (See XML Schema 1.1 Part 1 Working Draft)
TypeReference A reference to a simple or complex type
Unique This class represents an xs:unique identity constraint
UserAtomicType An object belonging to this class represents an atomic type: either a built-in atomic type, or a user-defined atomic type.
UserComplexType A user-defined complex type (that is, any complex type other than xs:anyType)
UserDefinedType This class represents a user-defined simple type or complex type as defined in XML Schema.
UserListType Represents a SimpleType that is a list of a given SimpleType, known as its itemType.
UserSimpleType This class represents a used-defined simple type, as defined in the XML Schema specification.
UserUnionType A class that represents the XML Schema Union simple-type.
ValueRangeFacet Represents any of the facets minInclusive, maxInclusive, minExclusive, maxExclusive
WhitespaceFacet Represents a whitespace facet on a schema-defined simple type
Wildcard A class that represents an XML Schema Wildcard.

Exception Summary
UnresolvedReferenceExceptionImpl This exception occurs when an attempt is made to dereference a reference from one schema component to another, if the target of the reference cannot be found.

Package com.saxonica.schema Description

This package contains classes used to represent the information in a schema, that is, the schema components. The model is closely related to the schema component model defined in the XSD specifications, but not identical in every respect.

Representing the schema itself is the class PreparedSchema. All the schemas that have been imported into the application are linked from the Configuration object; they thus outlive a single transformation or query. Other important classes have intuitive names, for example ComplexType, SimpleType, ElementDecl, and AttributeDecl.

Schema components in Saxon are always built from schema documents, so the classes representing objects in the schema are constructed using the corresponding classes in the com.saxonica.schema.sdoc package. (There is an exception to this: schema components can also be exported to an SCM file, and subsequently re-imported from this file.)

The schema class obtained by the Configuration.getSuperSchema() method represents the collection of all loaded schemas. There can only be one active collection of schema components for any one namespace. This means it is not possible to use two unrelated no-namespace schemas concurrently, or two different versions of a schema for the same namespace.

Named types, element declarations, and attribute declarations are indexed directly from the NamePool. It is not necessary first to locate the schema in which they are contained, they can be found directly using the namePool fingerprint of their expanded QName.

The schema model retains nearly all the information in the source schema: the notable omission is annotations.

The API for this package is particular to Saxon, though it is influenced by the definition of schema components in the XSD specification. At some time in the future it is possible that it may be replaced by an API conforming to externally-defined standards.

The code in this package was originally derived from Castor, but has been totally rewritten (though traces of the design may still be in evidence).

Michael H. Kay
Saxonica Limited
30 July 2010

Copyright (c) 2004-2010 Saxonica Limited. All rights reserved.