Class MinInclusiveFacet

  extended by com.saxonica.schema.Facet
      extended by com.saxonica.schema.ValueRangeFacet
          extended by com.saxonica.schema.MinInclusiveFacet
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MinInclusiveFacet
extends ValueRangeFacet

Implements the minInclusive facet on a simple type

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 String getName()
          Returns the name of this Facet
protected  boolean testComparisonOK(int comparisonResult)
          Test whether the comparison with the min or max value is a valid result
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getMessage, getWhitespaceAction, isConstraining, isFacetName, isFixed, isNewlyIntroduced, makeFacet, serializeFacet, setFixed, setMessage, testLength, testListValue, toLong
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Constructor Detail


public MinInclusiveFacet()
Method Detail


public String getName()
Description copied from class: Facet
Returns the name of this Facet

Specified by:
getName in class Facet
the name of this Facet


protected boolean testComparisonOK(int comparisonResult)
Description copied from class: ValueRangeFacet
Test whether the comparison with the min or max value is a valid result

Specified by:
testComparisonOK in class ValueRangeFacet
comparisonResult - the result of comparing the actual value with the specified min or max value, as defined using the compareTo() method
true if the comparison is OK, that is, if the value conforms to the facet

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