Class SingleNamespaceSchema

  extended by com.saxonica.schema.SchemaStructure
      extended by com.saxonica.schema.PreparedSchema
          extended by com.saxonica.schema.SingleNamespaceSchema
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, SourceLocator, NotationSet

public class SingleNamespaceSchema
extends PreparedSchema

A schema (collection of schema components) that has an identifiable target namespace: typically the set of components derived from a single import or include. It is not actually necessary that all the components should belong to this target namespace. In the specification, this is "the schema corresponding to some schema document".

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
SingleNamespaceSchema(EnterpriseConfiguration config, String targetNamespace)
Method Summary
 String getTargetNamespace()
          Returns the target namespace for this Schema, or "" if the schema is a no-namespace schema.
 void setTargetNamespace(String targetNamespace)
          Sets the target namespace for this Schema
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Constructor Detail


public SingleNamespaceSchema(EnterpriseConfiguration config,
                             String targetNamespace)
Method Detail


public void setTargetNamespace(String targetNamespace)
Sets the target namespace for this Schema

targetNamespace - the target namespace for this Schema
See Also:
§ 2.7 XML Schema Part 1: Structures


public String getTargetNamespace()
Returns the target namespace for this Schema, or "" if the schema is a no-namespace schema.

the target namespace for this Schema, or "" if the schema is a no-namespace schema.

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