Configuration options for streaming

Saxon attempts streamed evaluation only if it is explicitly requested. Streaming may be requested in a number of ways:

Where streaming is requested within a stylesheet using XSLT 3.0 language constructs, two configuration options are available to control how Saxon behaves.

The configuration option FeatureKeys.STREAMABILITY may be set to one of the values "off", "standard", or "extended". The default for Saxon-EE (when a suitable license is available) is "standard", and in all other cases is "off". This option affects how the streamability of constructs in the stylesheet is assessed in cases where streaming is requested:

The second configuration option FeatureKeys.STREAMING_FALLBACK determines what Saxon does when it encounters a construct that (under the rules above) is deemed non-streamable. This is a boolean option. If it is set to true, Saxon attempts a non-streaming implementation of the relevant constructs. If sufficient memory is available for a non-streaming evaluation, this should always give the same result as a streamed evaluation. When the option is set to false (the default), the presence of a construct that is deemed non-streamable causes a static (compile-time) error.

When running from the command line these options can be set for example as --streamability:off or --streamingFallback:on.