This package contains code used to import a schema.

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Package Description

This package contains code used to import a schema.

Its task is to read a schema provided as a source XML document, to validate that it conforms to all the XML representation rules defined in the W3C XML Schema specification, and to construct a representation of the schema using the classes in package com.saxonica.schema. The classes in the importer package are transient, they are used only during the course of constructing the schema object model.

The process is analogous to the way stylesheets are built. Each schema document results in a Saxon tree. Each kind of element in the source schema is assigned to a specific class (a subclass of SchemaElement), which constructs the representation of the corresponding object in the schema object model.

Processing is in a number of phases:

  1. The tree is constructed (which performs XML validation and namespace validation)
  2. Attributes are processed and validated. At this stage the parent of a node is available but its siblings and children should not be accessed.
  3. Structural validation is performed by the validate() method. This is essentially responsible for checking that the schema document is structurally valid according to the schema for schemas.
  4. Semantic validation is carried out by the checkRepresentation() method. This is responsible for checking the rules in the XML Representation constraints.
  5. Schema components are constructed by the buildComponents() method.

There should be no need for user applications to use any of the classes in this package.

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