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Enum RecoveryPolicy

Enum SchemaValidationMode

Enum TreeModel

Enum WhitespacePolicy

Enum XdmAxis

Interface IInvalidityHandler

Interface IMessageListener

Interface IQueryResolver

Interface IResultDocumentHandler

Interface IXdmEnumerator

Interface IXmlLocation

Interface SchemaResolver


Class XQueryExecutable

public class XQueryExecutable
implements object

An XQueryExecutable represents the compiled form of a query. To execute the query, it must first be loaded to form an XQueryEvaluator.

An XQueryExecutable is immutable, and therefore thread-safe. It is simplest to load a new XQueryEvaluator each time the query is to be run. However, the XQueryEvaluator is serially reusable within a single thread.

An XQueryExecutable is created by using one of the Compile methods on the XQueryCompiler class.

Property Summary
 bool IsUpdateQuery

Ask whether this is an updating query (that is, one that returns a pending update list rather than a convensional value).

Method Summary
 net.sf.saxon.query.XQueryExpression getUnderlyingCompiledQuery()
 XQueryEvaluator Load()

Load the query to prepare it for execution.

Property Detail


public bool IsUpdateQuery {get; }

Ask whether this is an updating query (that is, one that returns a pending update list rather than a convensional value).

Property added in Saxon 9.1

Method Detail


public net.sf.saxon.query.XQueryExpression getUnderlyingCompiledQuery()


public XQueryEvaluator Load()

Load the query to prepare it for execution.

An XQueryEvaluator. The returned XQueryEvaluator can be used to set up the dynamic context for query evaluation, and to run the query.