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Enum RecoveryPolicy

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Interface IInvalidityHandler

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Interface IXdmEnumerator

Interface IXmlLocation

Interface SchemaResolver


Class WhitespacePolicy

public class WhitespacePolicy
implements object

WhitespacePolicy is a class defining the possible policies for handling whitespace text nodes in a source document. Please note that since Saxon this class has been refactored from the enumeration type with the same name and therefore will work as before.

Field Summary
static WhitespacePolicy StripAll

All whitespace text nodes are stripped

static WhitespacePolicy StripIgnorable

Whitespace text nodes appearing in element-only content are stripped

static WhitespacePolicy PreserveAll

No whitespace is stripped

static WhitespacePolicy Unspecified

Unspecified means that no other value has been specifically requested

Field Detail


public static WhitespacePolicy StripAll

All whitespace text nodes are stripped


public static WhitespacePolicy StripIgnorable

Whitespace text nodes appearing in element-only content are stripped


public static WhitespacePolicy PreserveAll

No whitespace is stripped


public static WhitespacePolicy Unspecified

Unspecified means that no other value has been specifically requested