Installation: .NET platform

This section explains in more detail how to install Saxon on the .NET platform.

The source code of Saxon is written in Java. The version of the product that runs on the .NET platform has been produced by cross-compiling the Java bytecode into CIL code, which is then packaged as a .NET assembly. The code of course makes many calls on classes provided by the Java run-time library. On the .NET platform, some of these are provided by the GNU Classpath product: Saxon comes with a version of the GNU Classpath library, itself cross-compiled as a .NET assembly. Other run-time services are obtained from the .NET platform itself. These include XML parsing, handling of URI resolution, internationalized collation support, and support for regular expression processing. Saxon-SA also uses the cryptographic services of the .NET platform for license key verification. It is largely transparent to the user which services are obtained from GNU Classpath and which from .NET native classes; however, the differences can sometimes become apparent when these services are configured and customized.

For more information about Saxon on the .NET platform, see Saxon on .NET.