Sample applications

Saxon on .NET is distributed with a number of sample applications. These are issued (together with Saxon-B source code and documentation) in a separate download file, available from both the SourceForge and Saxonica web sites. Once this is unzipped, the sample applications can be found in the directory /samples. They are described here.

Many of the samples are equally applicable to the Java and .NET platforms. However, there are four programs in the /samples/cs directory that are specifically designed to illustrate ways of using the Saxon.Api interface. This interface is exclusive to the .NET product, and is described in more detail in Saxon API for .NET. These sample applications are described in Example applications for .NET.

The samples directory also includes C# test drivers for running the W3C test suites for XSLT and XQuery (the XSLT suite is currently available only to W3C members). These programs may need some minor adjustment to make them run in a different environment from that in which they were developed.