Interface ComponentWithValueConstraint

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    AttributeDecl, AttributeUse, ElementDecl

    public interface ComponentWithValueConstraint
    Interface for Element Declaration, Attribute Declaration and Attribute Use, created because they share common functionality for handling fixed and default values
    • Method Detail

      • getFixedValueConstraint

        default ValueConstraint getFixedValueConstraint()
      • getDefaultValueConstraint

        default ValueConstraint getDefaultValueConstraint()
      • getValueConstraintAsFunction

        default Sequence getValueConstraintAsFunction​(ComponentWithValueConstraint att)
        For use with the saxon:schema extension function, return the value constraint in the form of a function
        att - the component having the value constraint
        a function whose result gives details of the value constraint
      • getFixedValueLexicalForm

        default UnicodeString getFixedValueLexicalForm()
        Returns the lexical form of the fixed value of this attribute use.
        the fixed value defined by this attribute use, or null if no fixed value was specified. The value that is returned is the value as written in the schema document with whitespace normalization applied as defined by the whiteSpace facet.
      • getFixedValue

        default AtomicSequence getFixedValue()
        Returns the fixed value of this component. This corresponds to one aspect of the {valueConstraint} property defined in the schema component model.
        the fixed value defined by this attribute declaration, element declaration, or attribute use, or null if no fixed value was specified. Once the schema has been compiled this will be the correctly-typed value; until then it will be the string value as specified in the source schema document.
      • getDefaultValueLexicalForm

        default UnicodeString getDefaultValueLexicalForm()
        Returns the lexical form of the default value of this component
        the default value defined by this component, or null if no default was specified. The value returned is the value after whitespace normalization is applied to the value as written in the source schema.
      • getDefaultValue

        default AtomicSequence getDefaultValue()
        Gets the default value, as a typed value.
        the default value. This will initially be saved as an UntypedAtomicValue; later, when the type is known, it will be converted to the correct type
      • getNamespaceResolver

        NamespaceResolver getNamespaceResolver()
        Get the namespace resolver used when the fixed or value constraints include lexical QNames
        the namespace resolver for lexical QNames