Class ValueConstraint

  • public class ValueConstraint
    extends java.lang.Object
    A value constraint represents the default or fixed value of an element declaration, attribute declaration, or attribute use
    • Constructor Detail

      • ValueConstraint

        public ValueConstraint​(ValueConstraint.Variety variety,
                               UnicodeString lexicalForm)
        Constructor; supplies the lexical form of the value as a string. The typed value will initially be set to the lexical form as an instance of UntypedAtomic. The lexical form may be null, in which case setValue( must be called to supply the typed value
    • Method Detail

      • getVariety

        public ValueConstraint.Variety getVariety()
        Get the variety of the constraint (fixed or default)
        the variety
      • getLexicalForm

        public UnicodeString getLexicalForm()
        Returns the lexical form of the value
        the fixed or default value defined by this component. The value returned is the value after whitespace normalization is applied to the value as written in the source schema.
      • getValue

        public AtomicSequence getValue()
        Gets the value of the constraint as a typed value.
        the value. This will initially be saved as an UntypedAtomicValue; later, when the type is known, it will be converted to the correct type
      • matches

        public boolean matches​(AtomicSequence supplied)
        Test whether a suplied value matches the constraint
      • asFunction

        public Sequence asFunction()
        For use with the saxon:schema extension function, return the value constraint in the form of a function
        a function whose result gives details of the value constraint
      • testFixedValue

        public boolean testFixedValue​(Configuration config,
                                      UnicodeString value,
                                      SimpleType type,
                                      NamespaceResolver resolver)
                               throws ValidationException
        Test that the actual value of an element or attribute conforms to the required fixed value
        config - the Saxon configuration
        value - the actual value
        type - the required type
        resolver - a namespace resolver, in case QNames are involved
        true if the value is OK, otherwise false
        ValidationException - if the value is not valid as an instance of the type