Handling of source documents

During 2011, W3C have taken steps to reduce the burden of meeting requests for commonly-referenced documents such as the DTD for XHTML. The W3C web server is routinely rejecting such requests, causing parsing failures. In response to this, Saxon now includes copies of these documents within the issued JAR file, and recognizes requests for these documents, satisfying the request using the local copy. For details see References to W3C DTDs.

In addition, Saxon 9.4 command line interfaces have been enhanced with a new option, -catalog:filename that causes URIs and public identifiers to be resolved by reference to an OASIS catalog. For details see Using XML Catalogs.

The PTree now retains the is-id and is-idref properties of attributes. This has been done by using previously unused bits; since the old PTreeReader can read the new format, and the new PTreeReader can read the old format, no new version number has been introduced.