Command line interfaces

The implementation of the -TP option on the command line, which produces a timing profile, has been rewritten. Rather than producing a trace file containing all the events with timings, which could become very voluminous, it now aggregates the timing data in memory, and outputs the results directly in HTML rather than requiring a separate post-processing step.

On the net.sf.saxon.Transform command line, there is a new option -threads:N controlling how many threads are to be used. This only has effect when the -s option specifies a directory. It does not cause individual transformations to be multi-threaded, it only causes the transformations of different files to run in parallel with each other.

The new -catalog:filename option requests use of OASIS catalogs for resolving DTD references, external entity references, URIs appearing in xsl:include and xsl:import declarations, and calls to the doc() and document() functions.

In Saxon-EE, Java bytecode is generated automatically unless suppressed using the option --generateByteCode:off