Support for DOM and other external tree models

Saxon now supports the XOM object model (see alongside DOM, JDOM, and the native Saxon object model.

As with the JDOM interface, you can wrap a XOM Document node in a wrapper that makes it into a Saxon DocumentInfo and a JAXP Source object, which can then be used as input to methods such as the JAXP transform() method; it can also be returned by a URIResolver in response to calls on the doc() and document() functions.

The new JAXP 1.3 XPath API also offers support for accessing XOM documents using XPath.

The XOM interface to Saxon was written by Wolfgang Hoschek, using the existing JDOM interface as a starting point.

To use the XOM interface, you need to instal XOM itself, and you also need to have saxon-xom.jar on your class path.