Checking a license is found

To check that a valid license for SaxonJ-PE or SaxonJ-EE has been found and Saxon is running with full functionality, try running one of the following simple commands.

On Java (for example, for SaxonJ-EE 12.0):

java -cp saxon-ee-12.0.jar net.sf.saxon.Query -qs:"saxon:string-to-hexBinary('saxon', 'utf-8')"

On .NET:

dotnet SaxonCS query -qs:"saxon:string-to-hexBinary('saxon', 'utf-8')"

SaxonJ will revert to SaxonJ-HE functionality if it cannot find a valid license file. The above query uses a Saxon extension function which requires Saxon-PE or -EE, so it will produce the correct answer ("7361786F6E") if the license is found, but return an error message if the license is not found.

SaxonCS will fail and exit if no license file is found.

See Troubleshooting license key problems for advice if the license is not found.