Miscellaneous XSD 1.1 features

The notNamespace and notQName attributes are provided on xs:any and xs:anyAttribute wildcards.

The targetNamespace attribute is available for use on local element and attribute declarations appearing within the restriction of a complex type.

XSD 1.1 allows conditional inclusion of elements in a schema document, using attributes such as vc:minVersion and vc:maxVersion. Saxon allows use of this feature whether the schema processor is run in 1.0 or 1.1 mode, allowing new 1.1 features such as assertions to be ignored when running in 1.0 mode.

The type xs:error is available, as a type with no instances.

An element may now appear in more than one substitution group.

A new facet xs:explicitTimezone is available with values required, optional, or prohibited.

A new built-in data type xs:dateTimeStamp (an xs:dateTime with timezone required) is available.