Compiles an XQuery query, delivering a function item that can be called to execute the query.

xquery($query as xs:string) ➔ function(item()?, map(xs:QName, item()*) as item()*





The query to be evaluated


function(item()?, map(xs:QName, item()*) as item()*


Notes on the Saxon implementation

Available since Saxon 11. The function is available both in XQuery and in XSLT.


This function takes as input an XQuery query, and returns a function item, which can be evaluated to run the query.

The returned function takes two arguments:

  1. The context item for execution of the query. The argument may be set to an empty sequence if no context item is required.
  2. A map containing values of parameters (external variables) for the query. The keys are xs:QNames representing the parameter names; the corresponding values are arbitrary values for the parameters.

Here is an example of how to use the function from XQuery:

declare namespace saxon = ""; <out>{ let $src := "declare variable $x external; declare variable $y external; <z>{$x + $y + .}</z&>" let $qry := saxon:xquery($q1) return $qry(4, map{xs:QName('x'): 3, xs:QName('y'): 2}) }</out>

The result of the query is a sequence containing the single integer 9.

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