Packaging, installation, and licensing changes

The bulk of the open source parts of Saxon (the parts maintained by Saxonica) are now licensed under Mozilla Public License version 2.0, replacing MPL 1.0.

There have been some other changes to third-party open source components, notably the introduction of a new regular expression engine derived from Jakarta (Apache license), and the dropping of the old Base64 conversion code (Netscape license).

Users interested in building the product from source code need to be aware that the build process now includes a preprocessing phase that generate separate Java code for the EE, PE, and HE editions. The raw (before preprocessing) source code is published in the Subversion repository, but for building Saxon-HE, a more convenient place to start is the post-preprocessing Java code issued on SourceForge as a download.

A consequence of this change is that the JAR files for Saxon-HE, Saxon-PE, and Saxon-EE contain different class files having the same names. Therefore, the JAR files for different editions should not co-exist on the classpath. If you use internal Saxon APIs in an application, you may need to check that the methods you call are available in all three editions. This won't be a problem for interfaces that are clearly user-facing, but it could be an issue for applications that penetrate deeper into the internals.