Functions, operators, and data types for XPath 3.0

fn:serialize() function: the implementation has been changed to match the 2011 version of the W3C specification. This changes the format of the serialization parameters supplied in the second argument to the function.

The functions has-children(), innermost(), and outermost() are implemented.

The function parse-xml-fragment() is implemented.

In format-date() and friends, timezone formatting has been updated to match the current spec. This may create incompatible changes. The changes apply whether or not XPath 3.0 processing is enabled.

The implementation of deep-equal() has been changed to enforce the rule that the type annotations of two element nodes must have the same variety. This corrects a long-standing non-conformance, but may cause incompatibility, especially when comparing a schema-validated document against an unvalidated document. A new flag "v" has been added to the Saxon equivalent function saxon:deep-equal() to suppress this check.