Returns a map from prefixes to namespace URIs giving the in-scope namespace bindings for a given element node.

in-scope-namespaces($node as node()) ➔ map(xs:string, xs:string)





The input element


map(xs:string, xs:string)


Notes on the Saxon implementation

Available since Saxon 10.


If the supplied node is not an element, the function returns the empty sequence.

In other cases it returns a map from namespace prefixes to namespace URIs, giving all the in-scope namespace bindings for the element. This is a more efficient way to obtain this information than either the use of the namespace axis, or the XPath 2.0 functions in-scope-prefixes and namespace-uri-for-prefix.

The map includes the default namespace, if there is a binding for the default namespace: the relevant entry in the map will have a key that is the zero-length string. The map does not include the implicit binding of the "xml" namespace.