Compiles an XQuery query.

compile-query($query as xs:string) ➔ jt:net.sf.saxon.query.XQueryExpression





The query to be compiled




Notes on the Saxon implementation

Available since Saxon 9.0.


This function takes as input a string containing an XQuery query, and produces as output a compiled query suitable for use with the saxon:query() extension function.

The static context for the query (for example, its namespace bindings and its base URI) must be defined within its own query prolog. It does not inherit any context values from the query or stylesheet in which the saxon:compile-query() function is called. The query cannot access variables or functions defined in the containing query or stylesheet.

There are several ways the string containing the query might be constructed. It can be built directly as a dynamic string in the calling application. In the case of XSLT, it can be read from a file using the unparsed-text() function. It can also be generated by calling saxon:serialize() on an XML representation of the query, using the serialization method saxon:xquery.

The compiled query can be evaluated (repeatedly) using the saxon:query() extension function.

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