Interface XmlDestination

All Known Implementing Classes
DomDestination, NullDestination, RawDestination, Serializer, TextWriterDestination, XdmDestination, XsltTransformer

public interface XmlDestination

An abstract destination for the results of a query or transformation

Method Summary

 net.sf.saxon.s9api.Destination GetUnderlyingDestination()

The underlying Destination object in the Saxon implementation


Method Detail


public net.sf.saxon.s9api.Destination GetUnderlyingDestination()

The underlying Destination object in the Saxon implementation

This property provides access to internal methods in the Saxon engine that are not specifically exposed in the .NET API. In general these methods should be considered to be less stable than the classes in the Saxon.Api namespace.

The internal methods follow Java naming conventions rather than .NET conventions.

Information about the returned net.sf.saxon.Configuration object (and the objects it provides access to) is included in the Saxon JavaDoc docmentation.


returns the underlying Destination object