The list of attributes that are considered to be URI attributes and therefore to be escaped by the HTML and XHTML output methods has been aligned with the list that is now published in the serialization spec. However, Saxon continues to escape the name attribute of the a element, which is not present in this list, because the HTML specification recommends doing so in Appendix B.2.1.

In the XML and XHTML output methods, error SEPM0004 is now reported if a standalone attribute or a DOCTYPE declaration is requested and the result tree is not a well formed XML document.

Error SESU0006 is now reported if an XML version other than "1.0" or "1.1" is requested. (It's not entirely clear that this is the right error code, there is some confusion in the spec.)

Error SEPM0009 is now detected and reported: this concerns situations under which it is not appropriate to omit the XML declaration.

Error SEPM0010 is now reported if undeclare-prefixes="yes" is set when the XML version is 1.0.