JAXP interface (transformation, XPath, schema processing)

The XPath API now offers schema-aware processing. By default, if Saxon-SA is on the classpath, the XPathFactory loaded to handle source documents using the Saxon object model will be schema-aware. Source documents loaded using the XPath evaluator from this factory will automatically be validated (failing if there is no available schema). A schema can be imported into the static context using the importSchema method of the XPathEvaluator. A sample application showing how this works in practice is provided: see XPathExampleSA.java in the samples/java directory.

The sample data file books.xml and its schema have been revised for the benefit of this sample application.

The Saxon implementations of the JAXP SchemaFactory, Validator, and ValidatorHandler interfaces now all support the methods getProperty and setProperty to set configuration options. The property names and values that can be set are the same as those provided on the TransformerFactory interface (where the methods are called getAttribute and setAttribute). These classes also now contain a getConfiguration() method providing direct access to the underlying Configuration object.