Class DocumentBuilder

Class DomDestination

Class DynamicContext

Class DynamicError

Class EmptyEnumerator

Class ExtensionFunctionCall

Class ExtensionFunctionDefinition

Class NullDestination

Class Processor

Class QName

Class SchemaManager

Class SchemaValidator

Class Serializer

Class StaticContext

Class StaticError

Class TextWriterDestination

Class XPathCompiler

Class XPathExecutable

Class XPathSelector

Class XQueryCompiler

Class XQueryEvaluator

Class XQueryExecutable

Class XdmAnyFunctionType

Class XdmAnyItemType

Class XdmAnyNodeType

Class XdmAtomicType

Class XdmAtomicValue

Class XdmDestination

Class XdmEmptySequence

Class XdmFunctionItem

Class XdmItem

Class XdmItemType

Class XdmNode

Class XdmNodeKind

Class XdmSequenceType

Class XdmValue

Class XmlDestination

Class XsltCompiler

Class XsltExecutable

Class XsltTransformer

Enum RecoveryPolicy

Enum SchemaValidationMode

Enum TreeModel

Enum WhitespacePolicy

Enum XdmAxis

Interface IMessageListener

Interface IQueryResolver

Interface IResultDocumentHandler

Interface IXdmEnumerator

Interface IXmlLocation

Interface SchemaResolver


Class XdmItem

public abstract class XdmItem
extends XdmValue

The class XdmItem represents an item in a sequence, as defined by the XDM data model. An item is either an atomic value or a node.

An item is a member of a sequence, but it can also be considered as a sequence (of length one) in its own right. XdmItem is a subtype of XdmValue because every Item in the XDM data model is also a value.

It cannot be assumed that every sequence of length one will be represented by an XdmItem. It is quite possible for an XdmValue that is not an XdmItem to hold a singleton sequence.

Method Summary
 bool IsAtomic()

Determine whether the item is an atomic value

Method Detail


public abstract bool IsAtomic()

Determine whether the item is an atomic value

true if the item is an atomic value, false if it is a Node