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Interface IMessageListener

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Interface IResultDocumentHandler

Interface IXdmEnumerator

Interface IXmlLocation

Interface SchemaResolver


Interface SchemaResolver

public interface SchemaResolver
implements object

The SchemaResolver is a user-supplied class used for resolving references to schema documents. It applies to references from one schema document to another appearing in xs:import, xs:include, and xs:redefine; to references from an instance document to a schema in xsi:schemaLocation and xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation, to xsl:import-schema in XSLT, and to the import schema declaration in XQuery.

Method Summary
 Uri[] GetSchemaDocuments(string , System.Uri , System.String[] )
 Object GetEntity(System.Uri )
Method Detail


public Uri[] GetSchemaDocuments(string ,
                          System.Uri ,
                          System.String[] )


public Object GetEntity(System.Uri )