Interface TailCallReturner

All Known Implementing Classes:
AnalyzeString, ApplyImports, ApplyTemplates, Assign, AttributeCreator, Block, BreakInstr, CallTemplate, Choose, Comment, ComputedAttribute, ComputedElement, Copy, CopyOf, Doctype, DocumentInstr, EagerLetExpression, ElementCreator, FixedAttribute, FixedElement, ForEach, ForEachGroup, GeneralVariable, GlobalParam, GlobalVariable, Instruction, IterateInstr, LetExpression, LocalParam, LocalParamBlock, LocalVariable, Message, MultithreadedForEach, NamespaceConstructor, NextIteration, NextMatch, ParentNodeConstructor, ProcessingInstruction, ProcessRegexMatchInstruction, ResultDocument, SimpleNodeConstructor, StreamingApplyTemplates, TraceExpression, TraceInstruction, TraceWrapper, UseAttributeSets, ValueOf, While, WithParam

public interface TailCallReturner

This interface represents an expression that is capable of being processed leaving tail calls for the calling instruction to deal with.

Method Summary
 TailCall processLeavingTail(XPathContext context)
          ProcessLeavingTail: called to do the real work of this instruction.

Method Detail


TailCall processLeavingTail(XPathContext context)
                            throws XPathException
ProcessLeavingTail: called to do the real work of this instruction. This method must be implemented in each subclass. The results of the instruction are written to the current Receiver, which can be obtained via the Controller.

context - The dynamic context of the transformation, giving access to the current node, the current variables, etc.
null if the instruction has completed execution; or a TailCall indicating a function call or template call that is delegated to the caller, to be made after the stack has been unwound so as to save stack space.

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