Installing the Software

Saxon-CE consists entirely of Javascript code (highly compressed and obfuscated) which is downloaded from your web site to run in the user's browser. There is no server-side component. The Javascript modules can therefore simply be placed alongside any necessary XML and HTML files in a static area of your web site. There are no dependencies on any server-side software beyond a basic web server.

The software is issued as two directories Saxonce and SaxonceDebug, each containing a similar set of files, the first optimized for production and the second for development. (The files are generated by the GWT compiler from Java source code, with diagnostic code 'compiled out' for the files in the production directory). The code all runs client-side: there are no dependencies on the web server environment other than the ability to serve static content.

One of the included files (in each directory), Saxonce.nocache.js, is the entry point, and is referenced from a script element in user-written HTML pages.

The other files have cryptic hexadecimal names. There are in fact five such files, each containing almost the same code, but each tailored for a different browser. The master code Saxonce.nocache.js will load whichever of these modules is appropriate to the browser in use.

Also included in each directory are two data files, normalizationData.xml and unicodeBlocks.xml. These contain information used by the XPath normalize-unicode() function and regular expression functions respectively; they're read from the server only if such a function is actually called.

These directories should simply be copied into an appropriate location in the web server's filestore layout, where they can be referenced from HTML pages in the same way as other JavaScript components.