Sample Saxon Applications

Saxonica provides an additional resources download which contains various sample XML resources, and several sample applications. The download file is named, and is separate from the software download. It is available from Saxonica Downloads or SourceForge (under the Saxon-HE project). Unzip the contents of this file into the same directory as the Saxon software. The sample applications are found in the directory /samples.

The saxon-resources download contains various example XML files, stylesheets, queries, and schemas - in particular for the Book List, Knight's Tour, Shakespeare, and Bible examples. Also provided are a number of sample Java and .NET programs which demonstrate ways of using the Saxon APIs (see the samples/java and samples/cs directories). Many of the examples in the sample programs use the XML resources as sample data.

The use of some of these sample applications is described in this section of the documentation:

Information about some of the other sample applications is documented elsewhere: