The Bible Example

The stylesheet styles/bible.xsl takes as input an XML file containing the text of the Old or New Testament. These files are not included in the saxon-resources download for space reasons, but can be downloaded from or from various mirror sites. They were prepared by Jon Bosak.

The output of the stylesheet is a set of 292 HTML files in a single directory, which together provide a frames-oriented rendition of the text. The application also works with the Old Testament text, but not with the other religious texts included in Jon Bosak's distribution.

To run the stylesheet on the Java platform first create an output directory (say htmldir), then execute the following from the command line :

java  net.sf.saxon.Transform  -s:data/nt.xml  -xsl:styles/bible.xsl  dir=htmldir

The equivalent on .NET is:

Transform  -s:data/nt.xml  -xsl:styles/bible.xsl  dir=htmldir

The final parameter sets the value of the XSLT parameter dir to the value htmldir, which is referenced within the stylesheet to select a directory for output files.