Returns the XQuery function annotations defined on a function item.

function-annotations($fn as function(*)) ➔ map(*)*





The function item in question




Notes on the Saxon implementation

Available since Saxon 9.8.


This function returns the function annotations present on an XQuery function declaration. If the function has no annotations, it returns an empty sequence.

The result sequence contains one item for each function annotation present on the supplied function. This information is provided in the form of a map, with two entries. The entry with key "name" holds the name of the annotation, as an xs:QName value. The entry with key "params" holds the values of the parameters of the annotation, as a sequence of atomic values.

For example, if the function is declared as:

declare namespace a=""; declare %a:colour("blue", 3) function local:f() as xs:integer {3};

then the function call saxon:function-annotations(local:f#0) returns a sequence containing a single map of the form:

map{"name": QName("", "colour"), "params": ("blue", 3)}