Related Products

This section lists some Saxon add-ons and extensions produced by third parties. Saxonica Limited takes no responsibility for the quality of these products.

Open Source tools

Kernow is a graphical front-end for Saxon. This is an open-source product developed by Andrew Welch. It provides an effective alternative to the Saxon command line interface for users who prefer a GUI for running ad-hoc transformations.

On MAC OS/X, Todd Ditchendorf has produced XSLPalette, which is designed to integrate with your own choice of text editor to provide XSLT development and debugging support.

Commercial Editors and Debuggers

A number of commercial XML IDEs provide support for XML, XSLT, and/or XQuery editing and debugging, with the ability to configure Saxon as the chosen XSLT/XQuery processor. These include:

XQuery Documentation

xqDoc is a Javadoc-like documentation tool for XQuery. It works with Saxon, and is available either as a free-standing tool from or as part of Stylus Studio.