XQuery 3.1 Conformance

Saxon 9.7 fully implements the XQuery 3.1 specification as defined at the time of release.

All the important new features of XQuery 3.1 are also present in XPath 3.1: see XPath 3.1 Conformance.

Test Results

Saxon 9.7, at the time of release, passes all tests in the W3C test suite for XQuery 3.1, other than tests for features which Saxon does not implement (for example, static typing), tests whose results have been challenged by means of a bug report submitted to W3C, and tests that exceed Saxon limits (for example, a date whose year component is 25 digits long).

Checklist of Implementation-Defined Items

Appendix D of the XQuery 3.1 specification lists a number of features whose behaviour is implementation-defined. The list of features is the same as those in the XQuery 3.0 specification, so see XQuery 3.0 Conformance for details of the Saxon behaviour.