Installing the software

An index of all currently-available open-source versions of Saxon is on the download page at SourceForge

For the Saxon-SA product, please follow the download links from

Please see the change log for details of all changes in this release.

Installation of Saxon simply involves unzipping the supplied download file into a suitable directory. The procedure is the same for the Basic product and the Schema-Aware product.

One of the files that will be created in this directory is the principal JAR file. This is saxon8.jar in the case of Saxon-B, saxon8sa.jar in the case of Saxon-SA. (The Saxon-SA product includes a copy of saxon8.jar for completeness, but it is not needed, because saxon8sa.jar includes all the files in saxon8.jar as a subset).

There are additional JAR files to support optional features including the JDOM interface and the SQL interface. When running Saxon, the principal JAR file should be on the class path. The class path is normally represented by an environment variable named CLASSPATH: see your Java documentation for details. Note that the JAR file itself (not the directory that contains it) should be named on the class path.