EXSLT Extensions

EXSLT is an initiative to define a standardized set of extension functions and extension elements that can be used across different XSLT processors.

Saxon supports the EXSLT modules Common, Math, Sets, DatesAndTimes, and Random. These functions are available both in XSLT and in XQuery. The full list of EXSLT extension functions implemented is:

These have considerable overlap with extension function and elements that have previously been provided in the Saxon namespace. In some cases the Saxon versions of the functions remain available, for the time being, but the EXSLT versions are preferred.

There are some known restrictions:

EXSLT extensions that overlap XSLT 2.0 functionality have sometimes been retained in cases where they have no impact on the Saxon core code, but in cases (such as func:function) where the semantics are inconveniently different from XSLT 2.0, they have been withdrawn.