Localizing numbers and dates

It is possible to define a localized numbering sequence for use by xsl:number and format-date(). This sequence will be used when you specify a language in the lang attribute of the xsl:number element, or in the third argument of the functions format-date(), format-time(), and format-dateTime(). The feature is primarily intended to provide language-dependent numbers and dates, but in fact it can be used to provide arbitrary numbering sequences.

To implement a numberer for language X, you need to define a class net.sf.saxon.number.Numberer_X, for example net.sf.saxon.sort.Numberer_sv for Swedish. This must implement the interface Numberer. Numberer implementations are supplied for lang="de" (German) and lang="fr" (French), and you can use these as a prototype to write your own. A numbering sequence is also supplied for lang="en", and this is used by default if no other can be loaded.

Normally your localization class will extend the class Numberer_en so that you can reuse functionality like roman numerals which do not need to be localized. If you only need to override some methods and not others, you can do so: you will get the English representation of those components you have not localized.

You can override any of the non-private methods in the base class, but the most useful ones to implement are the following:




Supplies a suffix to be appended to a number to create the ordinal form, for example "1" becomes "1st" in English


Displays a number in words, in title case: for example "53" becomes "Fifty Three" in English


Displays an ordinal number in words, in title case: for example "53" becomes "Fifty Third" in English


Displays the name of a month, optionally abbreviated


Displays the name of a day of the week, optionally abbreviated

Note that any hyphens in the language name are ignored in forming the class name, but case is significant. For example if you specify lang="en-GB", the Numberer must be named net.sf.saxon.number.Numberer_enGB.

If you write a comprehensive Numberer for a particular language, please submit it, and I will be happy to include it in future versions of the product as an open-source component.