Experimental: proposed new XSLT 4.0 instruction. Constructs a parcel, typically for use as a member of an array being constructed using xsl:array with composite="yes".

Category: instruction
Content: sequence-constructor
Permitted parent elements: any XSLT element whose content model is sequence-constructor; any literal result element




The select attribute, or the contained sequence constructor if there is no select attribute, may deliver any sequence. This sequence is wrapped into a parcel, which is an item of type record(value, *): that is, a map with a single entry, whose key is the string "value", and whose corresponding value is the wrapped sequence.

Saxon availability

Available in the XSLT 4.0 proposal. Requires Saxon-PE or Saxon-EE. Implemented experimentally since Saxon 11. Available for all platforms.

Notes on the Saxon implementation



The intended usage is to deliver a single member of an array being constructed using <xsl:array composite="yes">. However, the result of the instruction is well-defined whether or not it is used in this way.

For more information, see Creating arrays.

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