Class ItemType.BuiltInAtomicItemType

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    protected static class ItemType.BuiltInAtomicItemType
    extends ItemType
    ItemType representing a built-in atomic type
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      • getConversionRules

        public ConversionRules getConversionRules()
        Description copied from class: ItemType
        Get the conversion rules implemented by this type. The conversion rules reflect variations between different versions of the W3C specifications, for example XSD 1.1 allows "+INF" as a lexical representation of xs:double, while XSD 1.0 does not.
        getConversionRules in class ItemType
        the conversion rules
      • matches

        public boolean matches​(XdmItem item)
        Description copied from class: ItemType
        Determine whether this item type matches a given item.
        Specified by:
        matches in class ItemType
        item - the item to be tested against this item type
        true if the item matches this item type, false if it does not match.
      • subsumes

        public boolean subsumes​(ItemType other)
        Description copied from class: ItemType
        Determine whether this ItemType subsumes another ItemType. Specifically, A.subsumes(B) is true if every value that matches the ItemType B also matches the ItemType A.
        Specified by:
        subsumes in class ItemType
        other - the other ItemType
        true if this ItemType subsumes the other ItemType. This includes the case where A and B represent the same ItemType.
      • getUnderlyingItemType

        public ItemType getUnderlyingItemType()
        Description copied from class: ItemType
        Method to get the underlying Saxon implementation object

        This gives access to Saxon methods that may change from one release to another.

        getUnderlyingItemType in class ItemType
        the underlying Saxon implementation object
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString()
        Description copied from class: ItemType
        Get a string representation of the type. This will be generally a string that conforms to the XPath ItemType production, for example a QName, or a construct such as "node()" or "map(*)".

        QNames are generally in EQName (Q{uri}local) format, except that the prefix xs: is used for the XML Schema namespace.

        If the type is an anonymous schema type, the name of the nearest named base type will be given, preceded by the character "<".

        In the case of a function item type, the returned string will be in parentheses (for example (function() as xs:string)) so that an occurrence indicator can be added without ambiguity.

        toString in class ItemType
        a string representation of the type