Class XOMObjectModel

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    public class XOMObjectModel
    extends TreeModel
    implements ExternalObjectModel
    This interface must be implemented by any third-party object model that can be wrapped with a wrapper that implements the Saxon Object Model (the NodeInfo interface). This implementation of the interface supports wrapping of JDOM Documents.

    This is a singleton class whose instance can be obtained using the getInstance() method. However, the constructor is public for backwards compatibility.

    The class extends TreeModel so that any interface expected a TreeModel, for example XdmDestination.setTreeModel(, can take XOMObjectModel.getInstance() as an argument.

    • Constructor Detail

      • XOMObjectModel

        public XOMObjectModel()
    • Method Detail

      • getDocumentClassName

        public java.lang.String getDocumentClassName()
        Get the name of a characteristic class, which, if it can be loaded, indicates that the supporting libraries for this object model implementation are available on the classpath
        Specified by:
        getDocumentClassName in interface ExternalObjectModel
        by convention (but not necessarily) the class that implements a document node in the relevant external model
      • getIdentifyingURI

        public java.lang.String getIdentifyingURI()
        Get the URI of the external object model as used in the JAXP factory interfaces for obtaining an XPath implementation
        Specified by:
        getIdentifyingURI in interface ExternalObjectModel
        the URI used to identify this object model in the JAXP XPath factory mechanism.
      • getName

        public java.lang.String getName()
        Description copied from class: TreeModel
        Get a name that identifies the tree model
        getName in class TreeModel
        an identifying name for the tree model
      • getPJConverter

        public PJConverter getPJConverter​(java.lang.Class<?> targetClass)
        Description copied from interface: ExternalObjectModel
        Get a converter from XPath values to values in the external object model
        Specified by:
        getPJConverter in interface ExternalObjectModel
        targetClass - the required class of the result of the conversion. If this class represents a node or list of nodes in the external object model, the method should return a converter that takes a native node or sequence of nodes as input and returns a node or sequence of nodes in the external object model representation. Otherwise, it should return null.
        a converter, if the targetClass is recognized as belonging to this object model; otherwise null
      • getJPConverter

        public JPConverter getJPConverter​(java.lang.Class sourceClass,
                                          Configuration config)
        Description copied from interface: ExternalObjectModel
        Get a converter from values in the external object model to XPath values.
        Specified by:
        getJPConverter in interface ExternalObjectModel
        sourceClass - the class (static or dynamic) of values to be converted
        config - the Saxon Configuration object
        a converter, if the sourceClass is recognized as belonging to this object model; otherwise null
      • getNodeListCreator

        public PJConverter getNodeListCreator​(java.lang.Object node)
        Get a converter that converts a sequence of XPath nodes to this model's representation of a node list.
        Specified by:
        getNodeListCreator in interface ExternalObjectModel
        node - an example of the kind of node used in this model
        if the model does not recognize this node as one of its own, return null. Otherwise return a PJConverter that takes a list of XPath nodes (represented as NodeInfo objects) and returns a collection of nodes in this object model
      • isRecognizedNode

        public boolean isRecognizedNode​(java.lang.Object object)
        Test whether this object model recognizes a given node as one of its own
      • isRecognizedNodeClass

        public boolean isRecognizedNodeClass​(java.lang.Class nodeClass)
        Test whether this object model recognizes a given class as representing a node in that object model. This method will generally be called at compile time.
        nodeClass - A class that possibly represents nodes
        true if the class is used to represent nodes in this object model
      • getDocumentBuilder

        public Receiver getDocumentBuilder​(javax.xml.transform.Result result)
        Test whether this object model recognizes a particular kind of JAXP Result object, and if it does, return a Receiver that builds an instance of this data model from a sequence of events. If the Result is not recognized, return null.
        Specified by:
        getDocumentBuilder in interface ExternalObjectModel
        result - a JAXP result object
        always null, because no XOM Result object is recognized
      • unravel

        public NodeInfo unravel​(javax.xml.transform.Source source,
                                Configuration config)
        Wrap or unwrap a node using this object model to return the corresponding Saxon node. If the supplied source does not belong to this object model, return null
        Specified by:
        unravel in interface ExternalObjectModel
        source - a JAXP Source object
        config - the Saxon configuration
        a NodeInfo corresponding to the Source, if this can be constructed; otherwise null
      • convertXPathValueToObject

        public java.lang.Object convertXPathValueToObject​(Sequence value,
                                                          java.lang.Class<?> targetClass)
                                                   throws XPathException
        Convert an XPath value to an object in this object model. If the supplied value can be converted to an object in this model, of the specified class, then the conversion should be done and the resulting object returned. If the value cannot be converted, the method should return null. Note that the supplied class might be a List, in which case the method should inspect the contents of the Value to see whether they belong to this object model.
      • wrapDocument

        public TreeInfo wrapDocument​(java.lang.Object node,
                                     Configuration config)
        Wrap a document node in the external object model in a document wrapper that implements the Saxon DocumentInfo interface
        node - a node (any node) in the third party document
        config - the Saxon configuration (which among other things provides access to the NamePool)
        the wrapper, which must implement DocumentInfo
      • wrapNode

        public NodeInfo wrapNode​(TreeInfo document,
                                 java.lang.Object node)
        Wrap a node within the external object model in a node wrapper that implements the Saxon VirtualNode interface (which is an extension of NodeInfo)
        document - the document wrapper, as a DocumentInfo object
        node - the node to be wrapped. This must be a node within the document wrapped by the DocumentInfo provided in the first argument
        the wrapper for the node, as an instance of VirtualNode